New Year and New Beginnings

Okay, so I realize we’re almost two weeks into the new year, but starting a law firm from scratch takes more time that you might think and there are a lot of demands on my time.
As you probably guessed from the title of the website, I am an attorney. But more importantly to me, I am a father of four, three of whom happen to have disabilities or special needs of varying types. I decided to attend law school later in life, after I had worked for several years as an advocate for families of children with disabilities. Although as a lay advocate, I was able to help most families, there were always a few who needed more assistance than we could provide and when I would have to tell them they should probably look into a lawyer, they would always ask me: who?
I never really had a good answer and would often direct them to what is now Disability Rights Nebraska, our state’s protection and advocacy organization. But they aren’t always able to help every family. After a few years of hearing back from some of those families that they either couldn’t get help or had hired a random attorney that didn’t really know much about special education or disability issues, I decided to apply to law school determined to become a lawyer that those families could turn to.
I run what may be termed a “boutique” or “niche” law firm that focuses on the legal issues of people with disabilities and their caregivers. So far as I know, I am the first office in Nebraska to focus on special education. I also represent families in accessing services with anything from an administrative appeal or helping a family with a Social Security application. I help families decide if guardianship for a loved one in needed and work with them throughout the process, and I help caregivers direct assets by writing wills and special needs trusts. Ultimately I will do whatever I can to help people with disabilities and their families so if there is any legal issue you have a question about or need advice give me a call.
I plan this blog to become a resource and will try to keep up on the myriad of issues we face as parents. If there is an area you are interested let me know and I’ll try to provide information.