About Me


I became an attorney to represent and counsel people with disabilities and their caregivers. I am the father of three children with disabilities and have a long history of advocacy and serving the disability community.

I appreciate the struggles of caregivers because I am one too. Although everyone’s situation is unique, I can empathize with the feelings you have. I will listen to your concerns and I understand that not every issue a caregiver has requires going to court over. Therefore, I believe the most important skill I have as an attorney is listening to my client’s concerns and providing them with the best counsel. However, when you require a zealous advocate, rest assured, I have your back.

I have been appointed by the Governor to speak for families on the Nebraska Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities as a parent for the past seven years and look forward to continuing to serve in that capacity. I am also proud to serve on Vocational Rehabilitation’s State Rehabilitation Council and on the PTI Nebraska Board of Directors. I have continued developing my skills working for people with disabilities and have earned a certificate in Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) from the University of Nebraska Medical Center Munroe Meyer Institute and have attended the Wrightslaw Institute on Special Education Advocacy.

Above all, I am a caregiver of children with disabilities and will provide caring and understanding excellent legal service for you.

In my spare time I like to…who am I kidding? Raising four kids, three of whom have disabilities affords little spare time. So when not working for your family, I’m spending time with mine.